Home Additions

Do you love your existing home and neighborhood, but need additional square footage for a growing family or a changing lifestyle?  Building an addition, adding a garage, sunroom, master suite, mother-in-law suite, second story add-a-level, kitchen, bathroom, family room, or breakfast area can be beneficial in many ways and are economical options.  Extra storage, entertaining, personal or living space gained with a home addition adds ease and privacy in your home, and potentially adds value to your home.

The contractor you choose to work with on your project can make all the difference in your results.  Additions and garage expansions, which must be tied into an existing structure, can present challenges and complexities that are not a concern in new construction.  How do we meld the new with the existing?  What is the construction of the structure behind the walls?  Can the current materials be matched on the new portion of the home or garage?  How do we protect the existing structure from the elements when constructing major additions?

Such complex projects like these require the special touch of an experienced team like TradeMark Professionals, LLC.  Protecting your existing home or garage from nature as well as the noise and dust of construction is just one of the areas in which our team excels.  Marrying the addition to your home so that it looks as if it has always been an integral part of the structure is another area where our experience shows.  At TradeMark Professionals, LLC we pride ourselves in working closely with you on how you want to extend your home, focusing on key aspects that are important in the construction and design, plus we place emphasis on capturing the style and charm of the original structure.  We pay attention to every detail to create a seamless expansion that addresses your needs with the craftsmanship and integrity your exacting standards demand.

TradeMark Professionals, LLC understands the choices and considerations that you have thought through in making a decision to create an addition to your home.  As a family business, we are always available to you before, during, and after you project is completed.  This is the kind of dedication and teamwork it takes to turn a dream into a living reality.  Ultimately it is the secret to our success, and most importantly, your satisfaction.  We don’t consider the job done until you are completely satisfied!

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